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  • Pennsylvania

    Eastern PA is in the greatest immediate need of vendors-apply NOW!

  • North Carolina

    Work orders start Sept of 2014-vendors needed now!

  • New Jersey

    Help needed mainly in western NJ

Use the maps above to determine which counties you are interested in applying for.

Becoming a Keystone Vendor

We have streamlined our onboarding process to make it easier and faster for you to become a part of the Keystone Team!

Keystone is interested in finding the best contractors to maintain a high quality of service for our clients. Another key goal for us is making sure we can provide as many work opportunities for Americans as possible. Our pricing for basic services is favorable and competitive.

We start with a simple application process that will give us an idea of your experience level, the area of coverage you can provide, and the amount of work you can handle. Whether you are a sole proprietor, or a large company with a fleet of trucks, Keystone has work for you. The information you provide will help us manage your work flow and to help efficiently assign your work orders. Nobody wants to drive 100 miles for a minor service and a trip charge. We keep that in mind so you can work in areas that make sense for you.

Complete our online application by clicking here.

Once you have completed the online application, a Keystone representative will contact you by phone to discuss your interests and make sure you are a good fit. You will then receive an email containing our Keystone Vendor Manual and a link to completing online forms that will get you in to our system so you can begin receiving work orders. We will need a copy of your insurance declaration page to be included with the forms once they are completed.

When the paperwork is completed, we will provide instruction on how to manage your work orders using Property Pres Wizard,, the online management system we use to maintain and track our work orders. If you have already used PPW, this step will be a breeze.

Finally, you will begin to receive work orders and will meet with our chief Quality Control manager, who will show you how to maximize your earning opportunites on each property you visit.

Still have questions for us? Please send an email to the Keystone Team at