Keystone / Mobility Image Uploader

Image Uploader

  • Maximum upload file is 20 MB.
  • Images should be no larger than 640x480.
  • You must optimize your photos and compress (.zip) a folder of each property to use this uploader.
  • Download an image optimization program like ImageOptimizer.
  • Compress your files with tools like WinZip.
  • Please label your folders as the property address. IE : 123 Abcde St. City State 12345
Optimization and Compression Tips

The following tips use the programs listed above.

  • You must optimize your photos to ensure the upload size is met. Max upload limit is 20Mb.
  • Simply right click on the folder you wish to optimize, and select "Optimize Images As..."
  • Be sure your optimized photos are set to these settings: Small File / Maximum Width: 640 Maximum Height: 480.
  • Next, they must be compressed. Right click on your desktop to create a compressed file.
  • Drag your optimized photos into your new compressed file.
  • Use the form below to upload your .zip file.
Mobility Image Uploader Form
20 MB Limit