What We Do

Keystone Property Services, LLC provides mortgage field services to nationwide clients ranging from mortgage servicers, lenders, investors, homeowners, and government-sponsored enterprises like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD. We also provide sub-contract opportunities for many companies in the Property Preservation, REO Property Maintenance, and Vacant Property Inspection industries.

Full Service in PA, NC, and NOW–SC!

Keystone Property Services, LLC has extended full service to the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and now we are in South Carolina. Are you a vendor seeking work in these states? Apply now and tell us about your abilities! We are interested in getting Americans back to work.

Preserving Our Communities

Keystone Property Services, LLC was founded based on a community need. When vacant properties sit idle, neighborhoods suffer. Such homes can create an eyesore in communities as well as potential hazards.

Contractor Supplies And Property Information